Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tears of Joy Inside & Out

Friday gave us such hope, however Mother Nature had something else in mind. The rain never let up on Saturday, March 14, but that didn't stop anyone from having a good time. Sue from She Designs http://www.shedesignsevents.com/ transformed the room to rich colors of gold, black and a touch of red.

The ceremony was inside as well as the reception. There was a quick transition after the ceremony (15 minutes ~ go team!) and then the party began. Kevin from Mobil Music http://www.mobilmusicentertainment.com/ kept the music flowing & they kept dancing to the very end.

The food was provided by Special Occasions http://www.specialo.tzo.com/ and I heard many great comments on the potatoes. The location for the buffet was in a different place than normal. Having the buffet on the covered patio was brilliant, it gave us enough room inside for the 140 guests (amazing) and they still had room to dance (even more amazing)! There was a lot of great planning going on to make this day run as smoothly as it did. All the guests including the Bride and Groom left with big smiles & umbrellas. ;)
I had the great pleasure working with Sue (wedding coordinator) the bride, groom & mother of the bride to make this day come together like they dreamed it would be. I wish them much rest after all their hard work!
I would say this was another wonderful wedding at BeckenRidge!

Friday, March 13, 2009

New to Blogging

To all that read this, please have patience with me!!!

I am new to the blogging world, but felt the need to keep up with the times. I mostly wanted to stay in touch with our brides or future brides.

From my research of other businesses that have blogs it seems to be somewhat of a diary, telling stories of the day, week, month & so on (is this your perception?).

My goal is to let others know what is happening at BeckenRidge at a more personal level. I will try to take more pictures and write regularly, but I make no promises. Ultimately I want to have fun with blogging and not look at it as another task.

I love my job and can't wait to show you what I see daily by working here!