Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wooley Bud

Yeah for wooley bud!!!! I know that sounds really weird, many of you are thinking what is she talking about. Wooley bud is the bump you see on the vine. These will turn into this years grape vines and will eventually flow all the way to the ground. We just started noticing wooley bud yesterday (April 22, 2009). So thank you sunshine and warmth you are helping (now come back). For those that don't know what wooley bud looks like here you go.

It doesn't look like much now but it is a huge step.

Now we will wait for bud break. Bud break is when the new vines really start to take off. They can grow anywhere from 3 to 4 inches a week. Vines don't have time to mess around.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Wedding that Delighted Kids!

Most brides plan their wedding day to either include kids or to not include them. We have seen many weddings where kids attend but have nothing special planned for them to do. They are then left to their own creativity which often leads to property damage due to curious, active and unsupervised play. This weekend's bride brought us a whole new perspective on the possibilities of entertaining the younger crowd and us along the way!

Saturday, April 11 just happened to be Easter weekend. So this bride had an Easter Egg hunt after the ceremony for the 30-plus kids running around.

A glass of Airlie wine and an Easter egg hunt - adult entertainment at it's best!!

The bride also set up an 8-foot table wrapped in butcher paper with more activities to help keep the kids going for the rest of the reception. Great idea!!

Keeping the kids in mind didn't stop there. Sassy Onion Catering served up a hot dog dinner with all the fixings for the kids - and they just ate it up. As for the adults, they were treated special too with their own buffet.

The main room was decorated in a Spring fashion - with BeckenRidge chair covers and their own bows that really made a punch in the room. The cake, by Marion from Myriad Cakes was placed in front of the fireplace (no we didn't turn it on). It was beautifully designed and coupled with the greenery from Green Thumb 503-363-1607, it created a focal point to the room.

Outside, it was another typical Oregon spring day, overcast with a brief shower late in the afternoon (after the ceremony). It definitely did not dampen any spirits. Actually it only enhanced Kris Stalnaker's who loves it when the clouds hang out. He always says it makes for the best pictures.

Despite the threatening shower, they still went with the ceremony on the lawn. Though if need be, we could hve easily pulled the ceremony onto the patio as a plan B. Gratefully we didn't need to go there - everything went just as planned. The bride was happy "everything went exactly how I dreamed" which makes us feel our job was well done.

Now time to rest and prepare for the next wedding. Thank you again to all the wonderful vendors and great planners out there.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Bridal Showcase

Thank you to all that attended our first Bridal Showcase.

For those that didn't make it I understand, it was a beautiful day. Spring finally made an appearance. We had a great day the doors were open and the sun was out. We even had the pleasure of looking at Mt. Hood, Mt. Jefferson and the Three Sisters all day.

I want to say a personal thank you to those that participated and made this event a success.
Here is the list again:
The Bridal Gallery ~
Myriad Cake Design ~
Rhyme and a Reason ~
Jennifer Rand ~
Encore Photography ~
Lights in the Attic ~
Bella Arco ~
If you missed the Showcase and want to be invited to the next one please contact us and we will be happy to notify you.
Thank you again,

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Winter seems to rage on in the Cascades with a linger here in the valley. Here is some pictures of what we experienced only a few months ago. We had many down trees some changing the landscape forever. Lucky for us the vines made it through another hard winter.

Relentless winter... is here again with another dreary, cold and windy day.

Regardless, spring is in the air. Well at least the plants have hope. I will leave my hope with the plants for they know more than me when it comes to Mother Nature and her plans. These are some pictures I took on this fine April Fools Day.

You can look at the trees as their buds are still closed tight they are just waiting for that glorious warm spring day to come to life. As color starts to dabble its way across the landscape it brings hope that the vines will soon come to life again. So spring come soon we're all looking forward to the colors and sunshine that you will bring.