Friday, July 31, 2009

Last Wedding of July 2009

Warm sunshine, butterflies, black & hot pink fly throughout the main room and patios.

Jodi the florist brought in curly willow with butterflies attached and array of pink flowers and sunflowers as a contrast. They added the sunflowers on the mantel behind the cake making a huge statement.

Candy buffet idea was used again along with a slide show of the bride and groom (very cute). This always has people stopping and enjoying.

The ceremony was quite the production and Shawna (coordinator) had her work cut out for her. With four ballerina butterfly flower girls, a ring bearer with a remote control car, ten attendants, seating grandparents, seating parents and getting a bride and groom down with 200 people watching, WOW!! Way to go Shawna!

The flower girls were just adorable and the ring bearer had the most fun with the remote control car to drive down the rings instead of a pillow. He practiced all morning along with the groom and best man. They don't ever grow up. :)

DJ Corey from Music Express brought the group together for dancing, not hard for this crowd. Most of the bridesmaids and the bride are professional dancers and they showed their moves. Though the groom got in there to show he could find the garter. :) Though the best announcement had to be when the bride and groom did their toast. They by far had the largest toasting flutes I have ever seen. Crazy!!

Matt Photographer had fun with this group too!! Taking them into the vineyard for some great shots in the evening when there is more shade and a little cooler. Though they did have some pictures right after the ceremony since the bride & groom wished not to see each other before hand.

The evening ended with the traditional decorating of the going away vehicle. Which the bridal party did a fantastic job. So if you don't want this to happen on your wedding day, rent a limo or other transportation. :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Heat Wave & A Helicopter

Well we ended a great weekend with close to 100 degree weather and something BeckenRidge has never seen before.

The day started off warm and kept on going. It didn't however stop this group from having a great day. Photographer Neil White arrived the same time as the rest of the group, ready to start taking pictures. As many photographers have done they took pictures in the vineyard. While they were in the vineyard the main room & lawn were being transformed into their style.

They had many helping hands to put everything in order in a short time. BeckenRidge already had the tables, padded chairs and Italian lawn chairs placed awaiting for them to add their touches. Beth from Rhyme & a Reason added her flare to the centerpieces with curly willow and limes contrasting nicely with the orange & ivory linens.

Marion from Myriad Cakes brought in one of the largest cakes seen in a long time. At the end of the evening they found that the circle piece was only foam, so it was all for looks who would of guessed. With everything in place and ready to go all they had to do was wait for guests to arrive.

Guests entered under the gorgeous Trumpet Vine onto the North patio and taking in the views as they were escorted to the lawn for the ceremony. The ceremony was unique in that the bride and groom sang a song to each other.

However the most unique part of their day was that they were escorted away in a helicopter. Yes, that is correct a helicopter!!! This was a first for BeckenRidge and the team from Leading Edge were amazing in making sure everything went smoothly. Guests were guided to safe areas awaiting the helicopter's arrival as the bride, groom and their son stood waiting by the front doors for the helicopter to land. Enjoy these great pictures. This day will never be forgotten by all here at BeckenRidge and I am sure all that attended that day.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Relaxed Sunday Wedding

This group was easy going from the very beginning and it continued throughout the day. The decorations were simple with arrangements done and ready to be placed on the table.

Added a few ties to the BeckenRidge chairs on the lawn and some decoration on the arch. Rented two of the BeckenRidge tents to shade a few guests during the ceremony.

Inside rented BeckenRidge ivory linens then added a little of their touch and called it good. They did use the bookcase to display pictures of the bride & groom growing up and family members wedding pictures too. Always a joy to look at. Also used BeckenRidge tapestry chairs.

Capricorn Catering did a wonderful job again and always a great display of food. Cupcakes instead a cake (been seeing more of lately) placed on a beautiful stand truly noteworthy. The reception went smoothly with mingling to background music and simply enjoying each others company. With roughly 65 guests it was nice having a small group so that all could enjoy each others company. Then bam they were done. Though never felt rushed just really enjoyed their day.

Candy Apple Elegance

We had some great vendors here making this day easy and relaxing for all.

This group choose to have a wedding coordinator Mandi from Blush Bridal who did a fabulous job working with the family and all vendors. She helped with everything from rehearsal to making sure the apples where placed just so. Mandi did a wonderful job keeping communication with everyone and always having a smile.

Flowers from Madison Avenue were stunning as always. The front doors are beautiful, but adding the initials of the bride & groom is a nice touch done by the mother of the bride. She also added touches to the arch on the lawn with a little greenery & white accents. Sheppard hooks were used along the aisle really accentuating the ceremony setup done by BeckenRidge.

Kris Stalnaker (photographer) was enjoying himself along with the rest of the bridal party. First moment for the bride and groom seeing each other was in the vineyard. Pictures were also taken on the lawn with the whole bridal party, they were having lots of fun.

After the ceremony a bat mitten net was setup along with an activity center on the lawn for the kids to help keep them entertained during the reception. Great ideas when kids come so that parents can fully enjoy the wedding with the bride & groom.

It did not take much to engage this group with great food from Wild Pear their shrimp display was oh my amazing (hats off to the chef Jessica). The display was pleasant to the eye and had you coming back for more. With bellies full dancing began with some excellent DJ'ing from Event Team who kept people out there and simply having a good time.

Of course you have to have dessert, so cake was delivered & nicely decorated by Marion at Myriad Cakes Everyone was in awe!!!

Mother of the bride had one task of the candy buffet and boy did she do it well. Keeping to the green/black theme she had a wonderful display of candies on the BeckenRidge bookcase. It was almost to good to eat, mind you I said almost. It only took one person to get the interest going and soon all were enjoying.

Everyone had a wonderful time and left full of sweets.

Friday, July 24, 2009

A Very Detailed Wedding

July 24, 2009

Every detail has been accounted for and the decorating begins right at 10am. It has been awhile since I have seen such detail for a wedding. Father of the bride and uncle where set to work immediately on the lawn decorating the arches & chairs. They even put together an arch they brought for another added touch. Mother & sister worked very hard putting the last flower into place.

The Phoenix Grand Hotel once again was accommodating to our guests; with majority from Washington. They had there rehearsal at BeckenRidge then caravan back to the hotel for the rehearsal dinner in one of The Phoenix Grands banquet rooms. They also used their shuttle service bringing the bridal party to BeckenRidge and more guests as they drew closer to ceremony time.

The photographer Kris and helper Matthew took some wonderful pictures and displayed them on a BeckenRidge bistro table during the reception for all to see. Guests and family gathered in front of the bistro table, with expressions of delight.

Roth's Catering did a wonderful job again. The staff was so friendly, helpful and worked well with the family. Serious Cakes brought the cake and was a perfect match to the bride's colors. Everyone mingled had a great time. It was a beautiful day.