Friday, August 21, 2009

West Valley Hospital Gala

Another beautiful evening for the annual Hospital Gala, much cooler than last year bringing relief to all.

The day started off early with a large tent by Key Manufacturing being set up on the lawn to shade guests during the event.

Plants by Daryll's Nursery were scattered all over the property adding that special touch, linens by SHE Designs were placed on guest tables and silent auctions items found homes on tables under the covered & uncovered patios.

Making sure everyone was informed of the going ons between those inside the main room and on the lawn Lional from Stuart Schmidt Music took care of all sound equipment. Gaylon Jay Quartet live music was enjoyed by all and after the silent auction was closed the covered patio became a dance floor that many couples took part of.

Throughout the evening espresso & coffee was served by Rick's Place in their little nook off the North Patio. It is always a pleasure having them here and the yummy drinks they provide.

Speaking of yummy things. Valley Catering brought their friendly staff and amazing food that dazzled the palate & paired perfectly with Airlie wines.

The evening was perfect and the WVH Foundation members left exhausted yet delighted on the success of their hard work.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Romance on Wheels

What a spectacular Thursday in August. The weather couldn't of been better at least 10 degrees cooler than anticipated and everyone is loving it. Even the grapes are loving the heat and cooler weather. We discovered vairizon (color change of the fruit) a couple days ago a very good sign, the grapes are right on schedule.

Today's wedding is so unique in many facets where to begin. First, the bride is in a motorized wheelchair, that is one for the history book of BeckenRidge. Two, they choose to have their wedding on a Thursday. Three, so that everyone was equal the entire bridal party was seated for the ceremony. Fourthly, they come together with two completely different cultures. The bride's heritage is Guatemalan and the groom Chinese what an interesting mix of traditions.

For example, the tea ceremony a Chinese tradition where the bride & groom present tea to the parents. This was interesting watching the blending of two families over tea. Robert the photographer was right there capturing these moments and more throughout the day. There were pictures of the bride & groom in the vineyard and on the lawn with family too.

Flowers were done by Rebecca at Belle Fluer as always making a stunning impression. Catering was prepared and served by the friendly staff of Catering by Laurie

Their send off was super cute with the groomsmen attempting to place the wheelchair in the back of the grooms Mini Cooper. The happy couple left in a sea of bubbles and lots of smiles.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Saturday, August 15th

What a great day for a wedding! The weather was perfect. Really simple flowers from Green Thumb all the centerpieces looked like bouquets with very striking colors.

Seeing each other for the first time. Photography was taken by Jenine's Photo. They also choose to have a videographer too. First Class Video was here capturing those special moments.

Using BeckenRidge chair covers and sashes with a contrast of black napkins in preset glasses & added that splash of color in the middle really making the tables pop.

Every table was set differently inside and on the patios.

Instead of using a unity candle (breeze doesn't help) the latest trend is sand. You can pick the colors you want and combine them to form that symbolism of unity.

After the ceremony moving into food from Roth's and dancing.

Dancing was fun and emotional with the Father-Daughter dance and then the Mother-Son dance. Once the special dances were done the dance floor opened for everyone.

The kids had no hesitation in showing their moves. Wait, nor did the bride and several guests, in what I am guessing is the Electric Slid. Love it when people are having a good time.

With all the hussel and bussel sometimes you just need a break from it all to sit and reflect. Love this picture.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday, August 9th

So glad it is cooler and the clouds are sticking around to provide some shade. Today is a pretty easy going day with simple decorations. Before anyone arrived BeckenRidge staff had the tables, chairs and linens placed and ready when they arrived. Making it easy for the decorating staff to add their touches. They choose to use BeckenRidge padded chairs in black & tapestry alternating throughout the room and white linens.

It is often asked how head tables look in the room & here is one example with the tables in one long line in front of the fireplace.

Red, white, black and gold fish are the theme today a huge contrast to yesterdays' wedding. Every day is always something different.

Today the wild turkeys decided to congratulate the bride & groom too.

The bride arrived with some butterflies the bridesmaids took care of her with some Pepto & Ritz crackers (helping immensely). The groom and groomsmen arrived shortly after the bride and the entire bridal party dove into getting ready for pictures. Of course the boys were done first and started into their pictures immediately. Don the photographer started them on the lawn and in the vineyard. In between pictures the groomsmen enjoyed their gifts from the groom. Bridesmaids were jealous.

Inside Johanna and family were finishing the final decorations, making sure exact number of fish were in its bowl on the tables. The cake arrived about an hour before the ceremony, not sure who made it, but the rubber ducks on top were to cute. So fitting for this group.

After the ceremony, they had a formal receiving line in the lounge greeting each guest.

Then the guest entered another line for the pasta bar done by Capricorn Catering Yum Yum!!! After dinner & cake the dancing began.

B&B was the DJ they got them movin and groovin. Boy did they have lots of fun.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday, August 8th

Starting off the day with cooler weather compared to last week, it feels so good. Pretty sure we are not going to turn on the AC today.

The vineyard is coming along wonderfully. The vines were tucked last week exposing the fruit to the sun and also making it a little easier to get down the rows for pictures.

The main room is draped in white linens and chair covers rented by BeckenRidge. They decided to bring in their own eggplant sashes for that splash of color (very elegant). Making it easy on themselves with decorating, they rented BeckenRidge tall cylinder vases in order to add a simple arrangement of Calla Lillies for each table inside and out. Keeping to the simple theme they did the same for the arch on the lawn, with a touch of eggplant tulle and a couple of white flowers and they were done. The biggest cleanup for them was the flower petals that lined the aisle, but the look is really stunning.
It wasn't long before the bridal party came from the Phoenix Grand to BeckenRidge to finish getting ready. Moving into pictures that were being taken by Honeysuckle Photography was a lot of fun to watch & take a few snap shots ourselves. I can't wait to see the professional shots. I love the one with the bridal party all jumping, the face expressions are priceless. Though one of the cutest pictures was the ring bearer.

The ring bearer was blessed with the dream of the groom. The story is that the groom was once a ring bearer when little and he thought he actually wore a costume of a bear and disappointed when he was told otherwise. So for his wedding he had his ring bearer where the costume that he never got to, and he wore it well till show time when a little stage fright struck him.

He was shortly scooped up by the Junior bridesmaids taking him to safety of Dad. Still the pictures are precious.

After the ceremony it was onto food, drink and be merry time. Food & cake was prepared by the well loved Wild Pear Once again Wild Pear had mouth watering food and a friendly staff waiting on the group. The bar was opened right after the ceremony with a nice selection of Airlie wine, beer and champagne. Formal dancing took place with the traditional Father-Daughter dance and then quickly moved into the dancing everyone could enjoy. Kevin from Mobil Music was the DJ for the ceremony and reception and did another great job.

Before you knew it the reception was coming to an end and you wonder where the bridal party is. Oh they were outside decorating the getaway car of course. The bride and groom left in a bubble mania to get to their getaway car and drove away in the sunset.