Friday, October 9, 2009

State Farm Evening Dinner

Great day for a dinner party.
Those that achieved their goals enjoyed an evening in the vineyard and a wonderful dinner from Capricorn Catering
BeckenRidge had white linens, chair covers and tables in place ready for the final touches.
The host arrived earlier in the day to place decorations on the tables making sure everything was in place. Later the entire group arrived in style with two different rides.
One group arrived on the Party Bus & the other in the stretch Hummer chauffeured by A Prefect Dream Limo .
The front doors were open and the fireplace was on welcoming the guests arrival. Music was provided by Kevin Venables from NW Mobile DJ Service who had them all dancing and having a great time.
The evening soon came to a close and everyone returned to either the Hummer or Party Bus to take them home. It was a great party and really wonderful people. Congratulations to all the winners!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dallas Retirement Village Dinner Mystery

Well Halloween has come to BeckenRidge Vineyard. Tonight's theme a kidnapping mystery has taken place at the "BeckenRidge Ritz Hotel".

The talent of Freeda has taken hold on BeckenRidge and entertaining the many volunteers at Dallas Retirement Village (DRV). The afternoon started with Freeda & crew diving into decorations. Tables, padded chairs & white linens were already in place upon their arrival by BeckenRidge staff. Who would of thought that eye balls & floating candles would mix in a centerpiece.

While DRV volunteers started to arrive they were greeted by those in costume who were already taking on their roles in the mystery. The laughter and fun never ceased all night. Enjoy these great pictures.

The mastermind behind it all.