Saturday, June 26, 2010

Beautiful Saturday June Wedding

Well Oregon weather finally took a break from the rain and came through for this destination wedding. Most of the guests, including the bride & groom, are from Wisconsin and they are enjoying the views and the warm sun. This is what June is all about and should be all month long.

This group really eased into their day with a start of hair and makeup from Face, Body and Beauty BeckenRidge started the girls with the Bella package of fruit, cheese, crackers, champagne and orange juice while they finished getting ready.

Becca from SHE Designs (with Sue arriving a little later) arrived about the same time as the girls and immediately started into finishing the details of setup. BeckenRidge already had the white linens, white Italian chairs, tables, bistro tables and ceremony chairs in place upon their arrival. Michelle from Image Floral also was on her way with setup inside and on the lawn. Everything just turned out beautifully.

The guys showed up right on que and headed for the Belvedere room, where they were welcomed with their beer of choice, meat, cheese, crackers and to keep them hydrated water was readily available. They enjoyed their room with Foosball, poker set, satellite TV, stereo and those that wanted some fresh air stepped out onto the covered deck overlooking the Riesling and simply took in the views.

Photographer Kris Stalnaker arrived next, quickly oriented himself of who was where and started into the getting ready shots. He really had a fun time with this group, both bride and groom where cheerleaders back home in the good old college days along with most of the bridal party. The pictures really show them in action. :)

Right along side Kris Stalnaker was Ryan Chaney from Focal Point Digital Media videotaping all the action. This video is going to be amazing If you can't see it via the blog go to BeckenRidge's facebook and take a glimpse of what Ryan has put together, just gave us goosebumps.

With most of the guests arriving on the Raz bus the ceremony started pretty much on time. Deepwood Strings was here with a quartet playing beautifully and staged nicely on the patio with the water fountain and a tent (rented from BeckenRidge) placed to shade them from the sun.

As the ceremony took place Eric from Mobil Music and Wild Pear were making sure everything was in place for guests as they reentered from the ceremony. Food was excellent as always and nicely displayed. This really was an all star cast of vendors, it was great seeing Carolyn from Edelweiss Cakes The cake was simple and elegant with just a few flowers added.

The bridal party was announced through the front doors, always a cool way to go. The reception lasted about 5 hours a little longer than normal, but worked well with this group.

They really enjoyed themselves and when it came to an end the college fight song was sang by all.

The Raz bus waited for the guests and the bride and groom to take them back to their hotels. As only a few stayed behind to gather the last pieces from the wedding, mostly Sue & Becca from SHE Designs handled cleanup, which is always nice to have coordinators makes the day for everyone more enjoyable.

BeckenRidge staff always stays behind a little longer with the re-stacking of chairs and our own clean up in order to prepare for the next event/wedding. While doing so we happened to catch a beautiful harvest moon creeping over the horizon. It is hard to capture the full beauty of it, but here is what the camera got. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday, June 19, 2010

If all weddings could run as smoothly as this wedding did, it would make our job a lot easier!

The coordinator was the first to show up and start decorating. She placed the vases, rented from BeckenRidge on the head table, so the bridesmaids could put their bouquets in them after the ceremony. This is becoming more and more popular, this also takes the place of having more flower arrangements on the tables.

Next to arrive was Karen Eagen from Madison Avenue Flowers. She has done flowers here at BeckenRidge for over 5 years. She is great to work with, easy going and flower arranging comes so easily to her. The centerpieces included bowls with floating candles and colored marbles. They sat on BeckenRidge's mirror tiles, and scattered with flower petals.
It was a simple design, but looked very elegant with the black table cloths. All tables except the head table were surrounded by our ever popular white Italian chairs. This arrangement allowed the head table to stand out and be a focal point in the room.

The morning was so relaxed and with only the coordinator and florist here it went very smoothly. The guys were the next to arrive. Not only did the groom have his three attendants, he had six more guys that were in the Navy with him. These six guys took part in the ceremony with what is referred to as the Arch of Sabers.

When the Bride arrived with her hair and makeup done she was calm and collected and was happy to see that the decoration and flowers had turned out so nicely. They wasted no time in getting her dress on, which was the first short dress of the season. It was vintage looking and very fashionable. She looked lovely.

They took most of the pictures before the ceremony, and then by 3pm after the rain had cleared up, the groomsman went outside to wipe down all the chairs and make sure they were all dry. It was nice to see that everyone wasn't stressing over the weather, and it all worked out great!

After the ceremony everyone headed to the main building for the reception. Wild pear catered the wedding, and by the time the bride and groom were done saying "I do" they were at the food table.

There was a line up of great vendors that made the day run so smoothly. Besides a wonderful florist, and delicious catering, there was Fred Molesworth and his wife Kathie, from Encore photography They are veterans here at BeckenRidge, and we love the work that they do.

Marion Barnes from Myriad Cakes and Design did the cakes. Yes, plural! This wedding had a special groom's cake. Fun, and interesting. Not really sure the story behind it, but I'm sure there is one.

Family and friends enjoyed the reception with beats by Mobile Music Sounds And with a long day behind them guests relaxed as the evening came to an end. The day was a success!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Dancing Machine's Wedding! June 5, 2010

The sun decided to show off today and we were pleasantly surprised by just how beautiful it was!
The rehearsal was another story with pouring down rain.
Right away as the bridal party, coordinator and family arrived they began to set-up and decorate.BeckenRidge had already preset the tables with white linens and white napkins were available to them. Also, above the mantle we placed cylinder vases which contained floating candles.
As they began to decorate the tables, they came together quite quickly with lots of helpers pitching a hand. They also decided to go with renting BeckenRidge's white Italian chairs for the reception inside the building, on the patio as well as for the lawn ceremony.

When it was time for pictures the photographers: Michael Sherwood (503.358.5417 and Azedin Trnjanin (503.380.8965 took the girls and guys down to the lawn to do some fun photos.

After the ceremony Kevin Soderstrom 503.363.6908, a well known piano player, who is much acquainted with our baby grand piano, played soft back ground music as the reception was starting and the guys were moving the DJ setup onto the patio for the dance party. This was a great transition because it still allowed music to be playing while the guests were entering the building from the ceremony and it also allowed the DJ to move his setup wile still having music playing.

Dinner was catered by Carusos Italian Cafe who offered some great pasta dishes, and were a blast to work with.
For a DJ the groom had his own equipment, as it is a hobby of his. So, he had a couple of his buddies help him out with running the music. There was one setup down on the lawn fountain patio, for the ceremony. Then when that was done they moved the equipment up to the patio where they continued to play music and start their never ending dance party.

It all started when the bride and groom had their first dance, which looked more like a planned performance. They were hilarious and it was clear they were having the time of their lives!

This reception lasted about four and a half hours of just dancing and drinking and having fun! The covered patio was the perfect place for their dance floor since it was so nice outside and they had plenty of room to move around and lots of space for dancers.

The finale was when family and friends gathered outside to bid the newlyweds farewell. The bride and groom both grabbed hold of a black duffel bag and ran out the big wood doors of BeckenRidge. They jumped in a car and was taken away to their honeymoon. The night was a success and fun at that! Another wedding completed!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sunshine Couple

To start off this blog I first need to explain the title. This couple booked with us roughly 14 months ago. Every time since that first day, they always brought the sunshine with them even when they brought family and friends through out the following months. After a very crazy week of rainy weather and many Plan B's it is their day and sure enough the sun follows them and this time they brought the warmth we have been waiting for. Summer is here and pray it stays till October. :)

The vines are loving this sunshine too, we should start seeing up to 5 inches of growth this week a so needed catch up. Guests are also enjoying the vines and the mountains that graced us. Mt. Hood, Mt. Jefferson and The Three Sisters all appeared on the horizon. Mt. Jefferson you could see clear as day on the lawn while watching the ceremony, so beautiful.

The day started of as easy going as they get. BeckenRidge already had set out the tables, Italian chairs and white linens inside. BeckenRidge bistro tables with white linens were placed on the covered patio for the cocktail hour and the lawn was set with more Italian chairs for the ceremony.

When the bride arrived she was greeted with her Bella package (fruit, cheese, crackers and mimosa's). The groom and his guys arrived not to long after the girls and they headed for the Belvedere Room (overlooking the Riesling) they rented to occupy them while waiting for the ceremony.

Since they decided not to see each other till the ceremony, many pictures still needed to be taken. After the ceremony the bridal party and family did a receiving line and guests came up to the covered patio for appetizers and a glass of wine, beer or a root beer. Everyone enjoyed the yummy eats and refreshing beverages while watching the bride and groom take their pictures in the vineyard and other parts of the property.

Bistro Catering from Portland had great presentation with the food, friendly staff, very professional and oh my the food was amazing. We will recommend them time and time again. Another Portland vendor we saw was Beaverton Bakery who brought the 4 tier wedding cake and set it up in record time. Special Occasions we see out here a lot and love having them, brought the china, silverware, champagne flutes, water goblets, glass water pitchers for each table and even high chairs for the little ones (bride thought of everything). After the wedding Special Occasions came back for all of the rented items.

We did see a couple new vendors too. This group was very green/organic, leading to a decision of using Midway Farms for the floral arrangements on the tables, arch and cake. Cynthia really knew her stuff and ran around making sure everything was perfect.

Calamity Jazz (a 6 piece band of various instruments) 541-461-8071, new to BeckenRidge, set up in the far Northwest corner of the room with plenty of dance floor in front. However, with the weather being so great most choose to do a few turns on the covered patio.

Soon some of the traditional events started to occur. The bouquet and garter toss stick out the most. Mainly because the intense need of the available maidens to catch the bouquet was quite the sight and then the struggle for the bouquet once it was thrown.

Then it was the grooms turn and the guys were not into it as much as the girls, it was entertaining to watch the contrast.

The evening just moved along so easily, we caught the parents of the bride taking a stroll through the vineyard just soaking it all in. It was great to see everyone so relaxed and truly enjoying themselves.

As the day came to an end it was hard to say good bye to my sunshine couple, but they left with smiles and walking through bubbles to go back to The Grand Hotel This truly was a happily ever after couple.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday Wedding

Day started off fairly slow with only a few people rolling in then the coordinator arrived and the action began. Red overlays were placed over BeckenRidge's white linens. Then the white plates, silverware, mirror tiles (rented from BeckenRidge) water goblets, floating candles and the floral centerpiece done by Denice from Distinctive Designs where placed next on the tables.

Denice put together the floral arrangement on the arch and the end chairs lining the aisle for the ceremony. The room was stunning in the contrast of red and white. All the groomsmen jumped in and helped Erin the coordinator of the day set the tables. After assisting her they were dismissed to the Belvedere Room to enjoy their refreshments and start getting ready.

Alyssa Jul and her husband Cory were photographing all the moments throughout the day and those that occurred in the Belvedere room (hope to see some of those great pictures soon). They also brought with them a photo booth along with some great accessories that people could use while taking pictures (ie hats or a feather scarf). Photo booths are always fun and fun to see the pictures that come from it.

Pictures were taken all over and with the cloud cover the red bridesmaid dresses really popped against the greenery of the lawn and vineyard.

Outside you could every once in awhile catch a little whiff of Mike's cooking from Abagail's BBQ 503-434-2179, oh boy did it make you hungry. With having the ceremony on the patio and every last inch of space was used inside for guest seating, we had to place the buffet on the covered patio after the ceremony. Leading us to a really quick transition from the ceremony, the groomsmen helped BeckenRidge staff remove the chairs after the ceremony and then place the buffet outside.

Guests still entered through the North patio the bride and groom decided to rent the 10x10 tent to cover the gift table and guest sign in book. Doing this left enough room for all the guests to seat under the covered patio.

For the ceremony the baby grand was used by Kim Ralph from Dancing Penguin and afterwords he turned into the DJ for the evening (great combo).

The dance floor was well used as was the patio for additional pictures and just to hang out.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rainy Wednesday Wedding

The day started with no rain, but the clouds loomed on the hills above BeckenRidge and eventually let loose the moisture the weather guys had promised to come.

Regardless of the weather the plan is still to have the ceremony on the lawn and pray for a break from the rain before the ceremony.

Either way guest will be entering through the North Patio and place the gifts under the covered patio and sign the guest book. BeckenRidge already had the tables, linens and bistro tables on the patio and inside ready to go. Sister of the groom did all the floral arrangements, she did a great job with time she had then getting herself ready for pictures.

Photography was done by Stephanie Paterson new to BeckenRidge, and worked in between showers with the bride, groom and attendants. Even with the showers some amazing shots were taken in the vineyard and inside the building.

The most amazing part was as the ceremony time approached, several family member ran down to wipe chairs from the days rain and start seating the guests so they could get started. Umbrellas were readily available to all, and not a single one was left behind. The music started everyone was lined up and all of a sudden the clouds broke and the sun shined down on the guests,

and of course, the bride and her dad as they walked to the stone platform. It was beautiful and couldn't of been more perfect. When the ceremony ended the bride and groom came back into the main building and the reception began.

The buffet was ready Dana and her crew did a great job on the food and keeping things replenished. The food was yummy and the staff was just simply fun to be around.

While guests were eating a slide show of the bride and groom was being presented. The screen already in place in the header of the bookcase was dropped down and the podium used to place the laptop and projector on.

The highlight of this wedding had to be the bouquet toss. The girls assembled themselves for the bride to toss her bouquet towards the bookcase. The bride standing in the vaulted ceiling area was poised and with all her might tossed her bouquet, which instead of falling into the hands of an awaiting maiden fell into the light beam and remained planted there. With the laughter rolling through the room, many of us ran to grab a ladder. However, the groomsmen where already on it. They lifted one guy up to retrieve the irreplaceable bouquet, so that it may bring luck to the one who catches it, and that they maybe wed next. The re-toss was a success and this story will go down as a first in BeckenRidge history. :)