Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday, July 30th Wedding

Well the end of July is here and we are about half way through with the 2010 wedding season. I just can't believe it. This weekend we have two weddings both groups super cool and way different styles.

Friday's bride and groom live in Nebraska where they teach at the university. Their centerpiece's of books fit perfectly for them. Underneath the books you found ivory pinstripe linens with an eggplant runner rented from SHE Designs in Salem. They used mostly all of BeckenRidge black padded chairs for the exception of a few tables that had the Italian style chairs. All tables and chairs were set upon their arrival.

They mainly got ready at their hotel, the Grand Hotel in downtown Salem. Jennifer Rand met them their to do hair and makeup, then the bride put her dress on here at the vineyard. Where I and M photography was ready to start taking pictures. Once everyone was ready they moved onto the lawn and vineyard for lots of pictures.

While pictures were being taken Ashley their coordinator from Stargazer was fast at work finishing the touches of the room. She helped the bride and groom from start to finish and was a valuable asset in making their day go smoothly and enjoyable.

Ceremony was simple with BeckenRidge white Italian chairs already setup and minimal decorations that Ashley needed to do. Johanna from An Event to Remember was the officiant, she is very organized and great to have here at BeckenRidge.

After the ceremony guests mingled on the covered patio while enjoying the amazing views of the vineyard, Willamette valley and their glass of wine.

Catering was by Reed Catering in Salem, also nice to see Cora and crew. Food was well presented and tasted fantastic.

The wedding cake was done by Marion from Myriad Cakes The couple was super cute when it came to cutting the cake. They looked at the cake and then the bride spoke up and said "what are we supposed to do". This got a chuckle from the guests and all, Ashley moved in to help.

Music could be heard from Northwest Mobile DJ during the reception and also for the ceremony too. It is always nice to have a well presented and professional DJ.

The afternoon slipped by and the trees started to shade the vineyard. The bride and groom took a few more shots in the vineyard while guests looked on.

Before you knew it the bride and groom was ready to make their exit, while guests and family lined up by the front doors to say their goodbyes.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday, July 24th wedding

The sun is bright warming up the vineyard, thank goodness there is a breeze. We are supposed to see a high of 90 today, so the air conditioners are working hard to keep the inside cool while the decorators are at work. We also try to keep the lights off as long as possible to keep the building cool, so many of the pictures seem really dark. Then during the ceremony we turn everything on and open the doors so that guests can flow in out very easily.

This group had some great vendors, starting with Special Occasions in Corvallis who dropped off the plates, silverware and extra tables. Their staff is always a pleasure to chat with and very helpful.

Denice from Distinctive Designs brought in the beautiful centerpieces that were placed inside the main building and on the patios. Before Denice could place her centerpieces BeckenRidge made sure their rented ivory linens and white Italian chairs were ready to go. They did pick up the ivory napkins a few days earlier to have them pre-folded for placement on the tables. They added red overlays on the cake (cake from Roth's in West Salem) and head table. The head tables were situated a little differently this time with a wider "U" shape. The space in front of the head table was used for the dance floor.

They did bring in some other great decorating items too. Having a very fun summer feel to their decor they brought in a sun canopy for over the DJ who was Northwest Mobile, keeping the group entertained for the evening.

They also brought in these big potted plants to string up the place seating cards. So for those that haven't read previous blogs we usually have a breeze out here so making sure outside items are secured is always a good idea.

While the ceremony was taking place at a local church in Dallas, it remained pretty quite at BeckenRidge. However, the caterer Willamette Noodle Company did their setup before guests started to arrive.

When guests arrived from the church they entered onto the north patio finding their seating cards and enjoyed refreshments from the bar while waiting for the bride and groom to return.

The bride and groom had pictures, taken by Kris from Stalnaker's, at BeckenRidge before the ceremony, left for the church to snap some more shots, then returned to BeckenRidge for the reception and capturing all the great evening events.

Everyone had a great time and as the evening came to a close the guests assembled out front to send off the bride and groom in a bubbly kind of way.

Clean up began after the departure of the bride and groom with always a flurry of activity for about another hour sorting out the items brought and what vehicle they will go into. With all this going on a beautiful sunset was taking place and a magnificent harvest moon came up over the vineyard. You simply just have to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Wedding

The vineyard is really becoming lush and the grape cluster are starting to form, amazing to watch.

Mid week weddings are popular this year with Monday through Thursday you save a little in the pocket book and still enjoy the beauty of the vineyard.

Today started off with a little cloud cover and much cooler temps. The inside, patios and lawn all setup and ready to go before anyone arrived. They rented white Italian chairs for the inside, patio and lawn along with white linens.

They added their touches with white rose petals and hints of purple through out the room (even the window sills) and grounds.

Photographer Dawn was the first to arrive taking in the lay out before the bridal party arrived. She flew into action once they arrived and were ready to start pictures that happened mostly on the lawn. She shared some with us, so enjoyed.

Joan from Dessert Diva came with her crew for catering and the cake. Both were amazing in presentation and taste.

Celebration Music & Events supplied the music for the ceremony and reception.

Some of the highlights from this wedding were the very unique garter toss and the farewell to the bride and groom.

As tradition goes the bride tosses her boutique and the groom tosses the garter to the single girls & guys. The boutique toss was like many that have happened, but the garter toss was diffidently unique. At first we weren't sure what was going on, but should of known that something was up when a football is flying through the room. The garter was wrapped around the football and went spinning to the lucky guy.

The party came to an end and everyone started to line up outside the front doors to send off the bride and groom. The photographer had the idea of having everyone keep their arms up like an arch and then as the bride and groom went through lower them similar to a wave. It looked really cool and less hassle than having to deal with bubbles.

They left in their decorated car and many waves of goodbyes.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday, July 10th

Another gorgeous day at BeckenRidge, slight breeze brilliant blue skies and a high of 80 degrees. Mt. Hood still could be seen. We soon will loose sight once the field burning starts and hope to see it again very soon. Either way it is great to see it on this beautiful Saturday morning.

Florist arrived first, Diane from Diane Green Designs and husband started immediately unloading the car of the flowers. The yellow lemons and Gerber daisies are just stunning.

The bridal party arrived soon there after and helped Kea (coordinator/aunt) with some of the details in preparing for the ceremony and reception. Then they guys headed to their designated area to get ready and the girls in their room finishing the last touches before pictures started. Kaitlyn the photographer started taking pictures of the grounds and of the group getting ready. Then there was the first look of they bride & groom taken by the front doors while all the bridesmaids watch their reactions from inside the main room.

As pictures were being taken around the property, Joan from Dessert Diva and catering showed to start with the final preparation of food and cake. This group decided to do more of a brunch style meal with the ceremony starting at 1pm vs the more traditional time of anywhere between 3p - 5p. This saved a little in the budget with a lunch menu vs dinner menu.

Mom escorted the bride for the ceremony, non traditional, but since the father had passed away it was great to see them both lean on each other.

The ceremony was great they had written their own vows which brought some laughter and tears very emotional.

The laughter continued after the ceremony as all enjoyed the reception and dancing. Dancing was enjoyed by all and nicely provided from NW Mobil DJ's

Before you knew it guests lined up outside to say their goodbyes and continued congrats to the bride and groom as they exited to their car and left for the honeymoon.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010 Wedding

Well, I would have to say this was one of the more organized weddings I have done. Many lists and everyone was delegated a job. It worked out well, and the wedding was amazing!

First to arrive was the Mother of the Bride. She set the decorating crew to work. BeckenRidge had the tables preset with white 108" linens, and white Italian chairs inside and on the patio at tables.

Also there was a table down on the lawn for seating cards. This was a smart idea, and although it was windy the cards were taped so they didn't blow away.

All Star Tents (503) 585-9408 provided the tent and chairs on the lawn, as well as two extra tables to supplement the 15 we already had.

Flowers were arranged by Denise at Distinctive Designs Floral She did an amazing display with yellow flowers and lemons. It matched perfectly their brown and yellow theme. The tables continued to be decorated with burlap sack squares for the middle of the table. For party favors each place setting had a small burlap sack filled with coffee beans, and a small picture of the bride and groom was pinned on the sack. Bottles of Martinelli's sparkling apple cider were put on each table with a bottle opener for the toasts.

Marion with Myriad Cakes did the cake.

Catering was provided by Sassy Onion Restaurant & Catering They had great displays of finger food and a filling dinner of pastas and salad.

Something different about this wedding was, they decided not to do an alcoholic bar, but instead had Sassy Onion serve Italian sodas for the guests. They used our bar area, which was perfect for their setup. It looked like the guests enjoyed this different idea.

The bride and groom specifically asked if they could have sparklers for their exit, usually we don't allow any type of fireworks, but because this was 4th of July weekend we made a special exception. But even so, it wasn't quite dark enough to enjoy their full effect.

The evening was filled with heart-filled toasts, and lots of laughs, as this couple began to start their new lives together.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Friday, July 2nd - Fighting with the rain

Besides continual fighting with the rain this was a beautiful wedding. Considering the circumstances the family was very calm and going with the flow. The selling point for the bride was to walk down the cobblestone walkway to the lawn for the ceremony and although it had rained most of the morning on and off, her wish came true. We waited until the last possible moment to setup the white Italian chairs on the lawn that they rented from BeckenRidge, and when it decided to downpour right after that, towels were provided to wipe off chairs. As the guests and bridal party were about to head down to their seats in came another shower. Round TWO of towel service!! They didn't waste any more time, and the ceremony commenced.

Even though the showers persisted throughout the day, the photographer Katy Sharratt captured some amazing pictures in the vineyard with the bride and groom. The best part is she shared some of her work with us.

For the ceremony, music was provided by a talented group called the Amici Quartet ( They set up their own tent on the fountain patio located on the corner of the lawn. This is a great touch for an outdoor ceremony.

While getting ready the bride enjoyed the benefits of the Bella Package. The girls nibbled on fruit, cheese and crackers. They washed it all down with champagne and orange juice-also known as mimosas.

The guys enjoyed a similar setup in the Belvedere Groom's room. They chose Coors Light with their assorted tray of meat, cheese and crackers. This picture taken off the Belvedere porch with the guys in the Riesling.

After the ceremony, as the bride and groom were getting more pictures Brice's Catering provided a nice display of finger foods from fresh fruits and vegetables to chicken kabobs and meatballs.

Tables were set with BeckenRidge 90" Ivory linens, surrounded with our tapestry chairs set inside. On the patio they had our black chairs, so that each room would be uniform.

They brought in their own pink overlays, mirror tiles and had simple centerpieces with floating candles.

The bride and groom had a lovely first dance, and then continued to say their hellos to all their family and friends as the evening went on.

Instead of paying a DJ, they decided to use BeckenRidge's stereo system. They had a laptop plugged in to our speakers and with a friend to man it all, this setup worked great.

The evening came to an end when the bride and groom left to their honeymoon in a well decorated car. Traditional cans were hanging from the tail end, and the sound marked the beginning of a wonderful life together!