Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October 16th Wedding

The day started a little chilly but lots of sunshine.

You tried to find a sunny spot to warm yourself with a high of 65 degrees it was pleasant, but you would get goose bumps if you stood in the shade. Though we all were moving fast during the morning getting things ready so not to many opportunities to feel the chill until later.

Tables and padded chairs were placed inside and on the covered patio. They brought their own linens rented from Special Occasions in Corvallis. However, they did choose to rent our mirror tiles and vases for the centerpieces, then added their floating candles, marbles and a red rose.

Like many before them they chose to setup a candy buffet on the bookcase, using BeckenRidge's rented vases to put the candy in. The candy also became the favors as little boxes were placed on each table for guests to fill their box.

The ceremony was preformed by Johanna http://johannarespini.com with a short and sweet since they had already been married before they were both sent to Iraq years prior. Now living on the east coast, they had a more formal affair home with family and friends.

The reception was full of laughter, dancing and food. Catering was taken care of by Steve at Capricorn Catering, www.capricorncatering.com local to Dallas.

The toasts were loaded with stories leading to lots of laughs.

The evening ended with a slow exit with the bride and groom gathering up all items along with helpers. For a fall wedding it was a perfect day.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday, October 11th

What a beautiful fall day in Oregon. After yesterday's morning of downpours, seeing the sunshine and the crisp air again is delightful, especially for today's wedding.

Thankfully today is a small group so even if the weather was not in our favor we could of easily had the ceremony on the covered patio vs the lawn. But we do not need to worry about a plan B for this group. The sun is bright and the blue skies are brilliant.

The main room was set in BeckenRidge ivory linens and black & tapestry padded chairs. They brought in beautiful overlays the centerpieces.

The covered patio had the bistro tables placed for the appetizer hour along with the gift table.

Catering from Wild Pear was served on dishes and flatware rented from A to Z Rentals. Besides renting dishware, the bride and groom also brought in their own sound system to save some money on DJ costs.

It was great to see how much thought and care went into the wedding ceremony and reception, even with under 100 guests.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

10.10.10 Wedding

Now this was a lucky couple to snatch up this date pretty quickly!

This was a pretty large group looking at close to 200 people for an October wedding, which is tough with Oregon weather. So to make sure rain or shine for the ceremony they ordered a tent from All Star Tents www.allstartents.com.

In the end it turned out to a great day.

BeckenRidge set a few tables inside with black chairs around them, but mostly black chairs around the room.

They choose to have a few bistro tables by the bookcase along with their cake table all in BeckenRidge ivory linens.

Adding a personal touch to the bookcase they brought in pictures of the bride and groom. The cake was delivered and made by Lamb's Thriftway, we have been seeing more of them in the last year.

The covered patio was set with several tables and BeckenRidge white Italian chairs along with ivory linens. The afternoon/evening was predicted to be a little chilly, so they opted to rent the patio heaters, which were later turned on.

The buffet, catered by Capricorn catering www.capricorncatering.com was setup along the wall closest to the front doors, not a normal spot but worked well for them.

The reason for the openness of the main room is because they hired Robin Robinson, dance instructor, to show their guests a few line dances. Everyone had so much fun with this. Leaving the evening with laughter and great memories.