Thursday, June 21, 2012

Saturday, June 9th Wedding

Thank goodness the weather has turned from rain & freezing to partly sunny and a little warmer.  So glad that we are not having to go to plan B, but always glad that it can be an option.

The patio is set with heaters, bistro tables and additional guest seating along with the Italian white chairs.

Inside is also set with the Italian white chairs.  They rented linens, dishes, vases & silverware from Special Occasions in Corvallis always a pleasure working with them.  Decorating was very detailed with lots of flowers and Chinese accents (bride bringing in her heritage).

You can barely see in this picture, but the cake from Marion matched the centerpieces with the cherry blossoms.

The lovely bride (& bridal party) enjoyed some pizza and salad from a local pizzeria (Ugo's) before pictures began. 

Vong &; Aroon today's coordinators flew into action with beginning to decorate the arch for the ceremony with potted plants and one big arrangement for the arch.

After the ceremony the bridal party formed a split receiving line so that all the guests could give their congratulations. 

There were lots of kids and thinking of them they brought lots of activities to keep them busy.  Lego's, items to draw with and throw on the lawn were a huge hit.

The bride changed from her formal gown to her evening attire (Chinese tradition) for their first dance.  Capturing all the special moments was Ryan from, then the bride's father is going to show it again in China.

Surprise limo that took the bride and groom to The Grand Hotel in Salem for the night.

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