Wednesday, March 21, 2012

February 4th, 90th Birthday

Local resident's daughter and granddaughter's put together a snazzy 90th birthday gathering. The weather was perfect with the sun shinning and the warmest it had been in a long time. So guests wondered outside onto the covered patio and some walked through the vineyard enjoying the sun on the face and the views.

The tables were placed with BeckenRidge white linens and black padded chairs, making any decoration work nicely. The girls decorated the room with paper machete around the room with pictures of the birthday girl along the walls & windows. The tables were also nicely decorated with mason jars with a variety of carnation flowers along with more pictures of the birthday girl.

There was a full buffet catered by Washington Street, always friendly staff and yummy food.

They did hire a photographer Sandi Lovegrove who capture the moments of the day and did share some with us too.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Citizens Bank - Economic Meeting, Thurs. Feb. 16th

Local Citizens Bank choose BeckenRidge for a community invited economic meeting about the current & future incite from their bank's president.BeckenRidge setup tables and the tapestry chairs along with ivory linens. Steve from Capricorn Catering provided a lovely continental breakfast for this 7am meeting.

For the small business the outlook is not good for any additional finance, there are no bail outs for the small man. So tighten down on the budget and lets hope these hard times do not stretch beyond the 2 years of hardship predicted.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Polk Fireman's Banquet - P1FFA

After 2 days of snow, with little hints of it still here and there... to a 55 degree day... we pulled out the t-shirts loving the sun breaks.

The awards banquet happening later in the day and not to see anyone till the afternoon gave us time to finish setup at a more leisurely pace. They choose to rent our white linens and use all BeckenRidge black chairs with a few tables of tapestry chairs. Leaving all table decorations to them.

Though even before any of the decorating committee arrive the caterer James Gang BBQ started the smoker. Nothing like smelling food from miles away to make you hungry when you thought you were full.

The wives put all the centerpieces together on the spot. Boy are they good, came armed with lots of tool kits and adjusted easily when surprises arose (paper napkins vs cloth).

They had a few of BeckenRidge bistro tables out on the covered patio with lanterns placed in the middle and battery operated candles inside. Very cool once the sun started going down, I wish I had taken a picture of them.

The guys did bring up the new Tender aka water truck...aka water buffalo (so funny the nicknames), which was really cool to see before sunset.

The evening continued with wine & beer at the bar and go back for seconds on the buffet. Everyone raved on about the food and the James Gang homemade BBQ sauces.

The awards ceremony itself took no time at all and before you knew it all was said and done and they were packing away the centerpieces and out the door. It was a really great crowd and look forward to having them out here again.

Friday, March 2, 2012

White Wedding, Jan. 15, 2012

Where to begin...the night before started to snow and no one knew what to expect in the morning not even the weather guys.

So when we woke up to roughly 6 inches of snow we were amazed!!! So to work we went clearing a path to the parking lot and digging out the front doors and North patio while the snow continued to fall.

Patio heaters were placed close to the bistro tables for the appetizer hour was to take place there while the main room was transitioned from ceremony to reception.

The reception tables lined the ceremony chairs (all BeckenRidge black & tapestry) with linens rented from SHE Designs All Star delivered the plates which were preset for the family style dinner done by Gamberetti's (very well done & yummy).

The sweetheart table also was used as the unity table and cake table. Wonderful for the amount of space needed for guest seating and dancing.

They rented a system from NW Mobile DJ, where Kevin setup the system and showed them how to use it then they were on their own with the laptop hookup.

Pictures were taken by Tyler Gould which he had amazing landscape and subjects to work with. The pictures tell more than I can ever put into words. Enjoy!

Jan. 21, 2012

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary to Bob & LaVonne!!!

What a treat this party was. This couple has been to BeckenRidge for a number of other events and now they are having a party of their own. We couldn't of been happier that they choose BeckenRidge.

Their two daughters put everything together surprising them on many things.

They choose to use the tapestry chairs and ivory linens, which were ready when they arrived.

They simply came in an added their centerpieces to the tables and brought in a projector & laptop for a slide show of the couple/family (bringing tears of joy to the couple).

There were some pictures of the couple and an album placed under the mirror for guests to look at as well.

The family greeted guests by the front door, while Wild Pear Catering hand passed the appetizers and Airlie wine was served from the bar. The girls arranged for a sit down dinner, which was divine and nicely displayed by Wild Pear staff.

During the first hour a close family friend was playing her violin (she also plays in the Oregon Symphony) and really set a tone for the evening. It was a pleasure to hear her play again towards the end of the evening too.
Everything was perfect and everyone had a wonderful time.