Saturday, April 14, 2012

First Spring Wedding, April 14th

What a gorgeous spring day...the birds are singing the sun is shinning and we are to reach almost 60 degrees. YEAH!!!

Well that isn't terribly warm, but when you are used to low 40's to 50 degrees that is warm. We are still putting out the patio heaters, to keep any chance of a cool breeze chilling our guests for today's wedding. Guest tables and bistro tables are placed outside for reception for additional seating.

The ceremony is to take place inside in front of the fireplace. There will be a quick transition from ceremony to reception, while guest give their congratulations to the bride & groom in a receiving line along with a group shot of all the guests on the lawn while this change happens.

Before anyone arrives BeckenRidge has taken care of setting up for the ceremony using the black & tapestry padded chairs. Along either side of the ceremony is the tables for the reception ready with BeckenRidge ivory linens, so all they need to do is place their decorations on the tables.

Celebration Florals came loaded with spring like flowers for the bridal party, family and cake (Beaverton Bakery (family brought with them), carrot cake was wonderful). The family used mason jars to place the floral arrangements for the centerpieces, so simple and economical.

Pictures were taken by Pete Dryden, first time here at BeckenRidge and was easy to work with. Had the bride, groom and bridal party all over the property taking pictures.

Music was conducted by Dawn from DW Duo, this lady is multi-talented she played her harp for the ceremony, sang during the dinner hour of the reception and then switched to DJ for the remainder of the evening. She did it all with grace & excitement and everyone loved it!!!

The evening slipped away so fast and the last song was played then all guests were asked to step outside for the send off of the bride and groom. Though only a select few new about the getaway, but it didn't stay that way when you heard their ride arrive.

Yes, that is a Helicopter ~ Ingo from Konect Aviation came from McMinnville in his helicopter to take the bride and groom to their next destination before heading off on their honeymoon.

This is only the 2nd time for a helicopter to land at BeckenRidge and the crowd is excited and so is the bride & groom.

It took some time as the bride and groom were escorted in and situated, but once in, the helicopter took no time to get turned around and they were off while the sun was setting. So cool!!