Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Monday, May 21st Wedding

The clouds made their way back to Oregon after weeks of warmth & sunshine.


Today's wedding will be under the covered patio, with only roughly 60 guests this will be a piece of cake.

The entire bridal party is from Virgina (groom's family from Oregon) & Russia, so another destination wedding.

The reception room is set with BeckenRidge white linens, black padded chairs and mirror tiles.  The also rented the tall cylinders which they will be adding their flowers.  

One of the bridesmaid's made an authentic Russian cake.  It was really good not to sweet, but just enough with many layers of gram cracker and sour cream.   

 They skyped with family in Russia who were unable to make it.  There was many cameras around so that the family in Russia could see the setup and ceremony.

The tables were finished by It's Party Time Catering, who set the appetizers on each table with the plates and forks.  The staff was awesome to work with and very flexible when things needed to change.

DJ Rick from Bass is Loaded, was the first to arrive and last to leave.  He was very professional and easy to work with, would welcome him back anytime. 

Johanna from Event to Remember, waiting with the groom for the signal to head out for the ceremony.  She is a wonderful officiant. 

Bride and her dad coming from her private room making her grand entrance for the ceremony. 

During the ceremony a time capsule of sorts that the bride and groom will store for 25 years with a bottle of Airlie Marechal Foch and letters written to await opening.
The bride and groom liked their games, so they had DJ Rick ask several questions about the bride & groom, sitting back to back, holding a shoe from each other.  They had to answer the questions by raising the shoe of who they thought it applied to.  Such as "Who watches more T.V.?" they both raised a white shoe, everyone loved it and there was lots of laughter.

Since the bride and groom did not see each other before the ceremony they had a puzzle for the group to put together.  On each seat in the reception room was a piece of this puzzle, leaving it to the guests to work together while they where taking pictures.  Also during this time the bar was opened along with the preset appetizers on the tables for guests to munch on.

The weather broke for a bit letting the photographer Kimberly K take the bride and groom into the vineyard. 

The toasts given by several, but the ones that stuck out were from mother of the bride (Russian) while her daughter translated for all.  It was very sweet. 

The bride's brother who was not able to make it, but was skyped in for the toast so that he could give his speech.

The evening was wonderful and getting to know those that came from so far to attend this special day even on a Monday, was one to remember.

Thursday, May 17th Wedding

Enjoying another wonderful sunny spring day!! This is how it should be every year.  It will not be as warm as our last wedding, but equally beautiful.  The vines have already grown so much since Saturday it is amazing.

 On the patios a few bistro tables scattered with BeckenRidge ivory linens.

Today is a much smaller group with roughly 40 guests.  The lawn is set with BeckenRidge Italian chairs.   The ceremony is also a little earlier than normal with a start time of 1pm and a send off at 5pm.   Short & Sweet.

 Inside with again ivory linens and tapestry chairs.

While waiting for the girls and before getting ready the groom and his best man shoot some hoops. 

They are using Capricorn Catering with some appetizers and then cake with sparkling cider.

After cake and cider toast the bride and groom were off to begin their lives together.     

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Saturday, May 12th Wedding

What a another gorgeous spring day.  The sky is bright blue the bees are buzzing and we are to reach 80 degrees today.  Love it.

 Ceremony is set before anyone arrives with BeckenRidge Italian chairs.

Roth's catering, bringing some of the prep stuff.  They put together the buffet tables and beverage station, then headed back to the restaurant to collect the hot food then back again.


The florist Roth's (Laurie) was here first to place the flowers on the arch and then place the centerpieces on the tables.  Always a great lady to work with.

 The sweetheart table.

Today is an afternoon wedding with roughly 100 guests.  The room was set for 110 guests with BeckenRidge Italian chairs and ivory linens.

Ceremony started about 15 minutes late (pretty normal) with guests still arriving after the bride walked down.


So glad that they choose to do a sand ceremony vs candles, the wind has been blowing all morning.

The guests were greeted by music from DJ Navigator.  A couple of BeckenRidge bistro tables were placed on the covered patio so that guests could put down their drinks while taking a couple turns on the dance floor.

The photo booth was another great hit.

The photographer was also loving the weather and taking the bride & groom out into the vineyard for some great vineyard pictures.

 After the buffet was cleared....

 and cake cutting was done...

...the younger crowd migrated to the basketball hoop and someone brought a football utilizing the openness of the lawn for throwing the ball.

 The evening flew by with hugs from parents and family...

...then exiting into the sea of bubbles (after one more photo op for us) and off on their honeymoon coast bounded.