Friday, September 6, 2013

Getting back into the Blogsphere

Its been a busy and successful wedding season at BeckenRidge.  We're winding down from a busy summer with only a handful of events left to go.  My hope is to reflect on and share some of the memorable moments from all the lovely events we've had over the 2013 year, and look forward to fresh ideas for the 2014 year.

Today we're getting all ready for Bryson and Rachele's wedding.  I'm really looking forward to this event for several reasons!

 -We get to work with one of our favorite wedding professionals, the most amazing DJ I've ever had the pleasure to work with, Steve Springer from Only The Best Sound. Yay, Steve!

-A new caterer is bringing the bounty for this shin-dig! I love seeing people choose their own cuisine and flare of individuality.  Welcome Polk -A- Dots catering! I'm looking forward to having you at BeckenRidge.

-And finally, this couple, Bryson and Rachele, have put so much hard work and coordination into this wedding, I'm excited to see their vision become a reality tomorrow.

- The weather is going to be perfect for our outdoor ceremony tomorrow. Not too hot, not too cold!

Happy Friday night!!! Wedding Day tomorrow! Cheers!

Thanks for reading,
BeckenRidge Vineyard

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