Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sept 7 Wedding

We're still basking in the memories of our wedding last weekend, the union of Bryson and Rachele.  What beautiful weather we enjoyed!  It was a perfect 78 and sunny, perfect for an outdoor wedding.  Rachele did such an amazing job of creating all her magical centerpieces, flowers, and other details.

The Decorations
The decor was first rate!  Breathtaking vibrant green, with white and silver accents were the colors she choose the use, and it looked great!  Waterproof LEDs were glued to little green skewers and stuck into the middle of the water-beaded vases. Then she stuck curly willow for grand height, more LEDs which were fixed to pliable wire, and white roses and hydrangeas.

The Dance
The First Dance is brought to you by MC & DJ Steve Springer at Only The Best Sound.  He did a sweet effect known as the cloud effect, where the happy couple shares their first dance on a dreamy "cloud."  This really helps frame the moment and makes it special. Also the fun green uplighting is done by his wireless lights.

The First Dance

Polk-a-Dots catering really pulled together a fantastic meal!  It turns out the Bryson, our groom is quite the fisherman, and he caught all the salmon that was served for dinner at the wedding reception!  I thought this was quite unique and amazing!  Good job, Bryson!  Also, Polk-a-dots, please come back again soon, everything was amazing.

The cake was delicious, moist and beautiful too, often a hard combo to find.  The flavors were spiced carrot cake and poppy seed lemon, which went with the cheery day, with a hint of fall in the air. I wish I remember who baked this gem, because it was top notch!

In closing, it was a wonderful day, and Bryson and Rachele's friends and families came together in love and support and that was beautiful. Thank you for having BeckenRidge host your wedding.  And thank you readers for reading this blog.

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